What are the types of groups players can form?

There are Flight Crews, Ground Crews, and Mission Teams.


What is a Flight Crew?

A Flight Crew is a group of up to 7 or 8 players that can operate from a single spacecraft for a mission, depending on how many seats are available.


What is a Ground Crew?

A Ground Crew is a group of up to 40 players in the role of Mission Control support for a given mission.


What is a Mission Team?

A Mission Team combines one or more Flight Crews and one or more Ground Crews together in mutual support to complete a given mission.


How do I join one?

You must receive and accept an invitation to join a Crew. The Crew Commander can set roles and requirements for each position in a crew.

If a Crew Commander has set invitations to "open" then you may simply select it from the Crew List and join.


What are the benefits to joining a Crew?

You will share mission experience and rewards among your crew, as well as a salary bonus. The skills of your crewmates will add bonuses to yours.

In a Mission Team the skills and training of a Ground Crew will enhance those of the Flight Crew, and the experience and rewards from the astronauts in orbit will be shared with the Ground Crew.




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