How am I represented in the game?

Each player will have a human character representing themselves. Others will be able to see your movements, your text messages, and your reactions just like in the real world.


How many servers will there be?

There will be one main server that all players will access. There will also be a Test Server to trial future updates.


What is the relation between real time and Spaceflight Online time?

For every 5 real time minutes, 1 hour passes in game time. 2 hours in real time will represent 1 day of game time. 30 real days will represent 1 game year, and so on.

Game distances will be comparable to our world, so if a Space Shuttle takes an hour and a half to orbit the earth, your spacecraft will accomplish this in 7.5 min.


How big will the world be?

Distances will be similar to our world but travel will be sped up considerably. Some areas may be reduced in size to further speed up gameplay.

Orbits will follow relative distances and directions as well, so you will have launch windows to correctly match up liftoff with a object in space you wish to go to.


What areas are open for players to explore?

Various locations on the Earth will be available for building suitable launch sites. From there you can travel into Low Earth Orbit, transfer to higher orbits, head to the Moon and its orbits, as well as nearby asteroids, and as far as Mars and its moons. Further areas will become available as the game progresses.


Will there be zones in SFO?

Yes, areas that are suitable for launch sites will be clustered in groups of five in an instanced map. You will be able to hop from cluster zone to zone via car, plane, boat, or train. Out in space, it is all one zone, including Moon and Mars surfaces.


Will we be able to visit familiar places on Earth or the Moon?

You will be able to visit and launch from space centers like Kennedy Space Center or Russia's Baikanour Cosmodrome, to name a few. You will also be able to land at and explore the historic Apollo landing sites.


Will there be water-based interactive environments?

Yes, most launch sites will be situated on a coastline. Players will have access to water-craft, ferries, as well as a port in each Cluster Zone for transporting materials and personnel.


Will there be monsters and creatures?

There will be no monsters. You may see some animals like birds, dolphins, deer, or squirrels in each Cluster Zone, but you will not be able to interact with them.


Will there be weather?

Yes, you will experience thunderstorms, lightning, dustorms, rain, snow, which could delay your launches. Weather forcasting will be available in the game so you can gauge when to initiate the countdown.




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