Does the game have a skill-based or level-based system?


This means your advancement is not dependent on an overall character level like in other games. Skill-based systems allow more freedom in defining the role your character plays in the future of spaceflight by letting you pick and choose skills at any time. Some skills do have re-requisites before you can advance up a particular tree.


What skills are available?

Skills are separated into two main groups: Astronaut Training and Fields of Study. Each type of skillset has branches and trees.


What is Astronaut Training?

Astronaut Training grants you skills in the operation of spacecraft, experiment equipment, payloads, navigation, emergency procedures, and more.

More specifically, Astronaut Training allows you to apply the knowledge gained from science and engineering to activities in space.


What are Fields of Study?

These are the branches of study that allows you to accept types of missions, use specialized equipment and experiments, and solve scientific and engineering problems. The higher your education, the better results and rewards from your missions.

Astronaut Training allows you to apply this knowledge to tasks in space.


How do I get them?

For Astronaut Training you must go to the Training Center and speak with the Director there. You may continue training in a chosen class, like Navigation, or pick a skill from another area.

For Fields of Study, you must go to the University Liason Office (ULO), where you speak with a University representative to continue or start your learning in a perticular field of study, such as geology.


How does Training and Fields affect gameplay?

Training and Fields grant you skills in the operation of spacecraft and equipment. For instance, training in EVA Operations grants you access to such things as the Manned Maneuvering Unit, a medium-range personal flight-pack.

Studying in Geology allows your character to operate and repair Geology-based experiments or satellites. It also allows your Crew to take on Geology-based missions simply by your presence in the group. The wider array of skills your group has, the more varied the type of mission you can take on.

By advancing their training, players will also unlock real-world tools for certain skill sets such as Navigation, which opens up a powerful orbital mechanics interface to allow Advanced Users to manually plot orbital maneuvers. If done correctly, the spacecraft will use fuel and supplies more efficiently, increasing the overall mission reward.


Are there any sub-set of skills?

Yes, each main branch of Fields has sub sets called Masters and Doctorate, requiring you to complete the whole sub-set before you can move on to the next branch or Field.

Each branch of Astronaut Training as several specailties and trees you can advance in.

Some mission tasks require both a Training field and a certain Field of Study to complete.


Which Fields or Training allows me to repair a spacecraft or treat crew members?

The Mission Specialist: Spacecraft Operations sub-set of Astronaut Training and a vehicle subset of an Engineering branch from Fields of Study is required to repair certain parts of a spacecraft.

The Mission Specialist: Crew Ops subset and the Health subset of Biological Field is required to expertly care for injured crewmembers.


How do I improve my Training or Fields of Study?

By using them to successfully complete missions. Upon mission completion, experience is awarded in the training and fields used by yourself or your Crew. Once a sub-set in the skill tree is completed, a player can advance into the next sub-set up the chain.


Is there a way to re-train or switch Fields?

Yes, you will be able to give up skills to train in others, but all experience gained in the previous subset is lost.


Does Training atrophy if unused?

No, you cannot lose training or a field unless you voluntarily untrain it.


How many skills can a player train in?

You will have only so many skill points to put into training and fields. A Masters contains several subsets of skills. A Doctorate contains several others. A player will be able to acquire 2 Doctorates and 1 Master or 1 Doctorate and several Masters or different combinations of each. Various certifications can also be acquired for certain specializations as rewards. Such certifications let you bypass part of a skill-tree for a specific training you need.

You will not be able to train in every skill in the game at once.




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