What kind of missions are available?

There are many types of missions players can perform:

Flight missions - Satellite repair, satellite deployment, station resupply, spacewalks, exploration, experiments, research, mining, and more.

Ground missions - Mission control, robotic exploration, payload transportation, rocket design, trade missions, and more.

Agency missions - These missions are issued by player Space Agencies and can contain any one of the tasks above. Most likely these missions will be for repair, resupply, vehicle design, or other supportive tasks. Administrators can set rewards for each type of missions as well as timelimits and other relevant conditions.


Will missions be difficult?

Missions will range in difficulty depending on the mission type and the education level of the character. More difficult or complex missions will receive more experience or other rewards. Starting missions can consist of satellite delivery, ISS resupply, or robotic exploration. Many of the more difficult missions will take a Crew or a Mission Team to complete.


Will there be Crew missions available?

Yes, both Flight Crew missions and Ground Crew missions.


Will each member of a Crew receive a mission award?

Yes, in the form of skill experience, salary bonus, prestige, or other form of reward.


How do I start a mission?

To start a mission, you must go to a Mission Director. You must select the Flight or Ground missions tab, then pick from the list. The mission list will be tailored to your skills, experience, and status with the International Space Center. If you are in a group, the group leader must choose the mission, which is also set at their education and status. You will then receive a briefing of the mission and a chance to 'train' for it at the Training Center in simulators or a training tank.

Once you are ready, you can start the countdown by visiting the Mission Director again. For Flight missions, you and your crew, if you have one, will then head out to the launch pad for the mission. For Ground missions, you will make your way to one of the Mission Control rooms for the duration of the task.

Upon completion you, and your crew, will recieve experience and rewards.

To start a Agency Mission you must visit that Agency's Mission Director, either at their offices on government property or the Headquarters building at their space center. Launch and operations will typically be handled on-site.


What happens if you fail to complete a mission? Can I try again?

Yes, you will be able to go back and try again.


Will there be advanced missions?

Yes, these missions are difficult and expensive, and may require a player with high education and international status on your Crew.


Will there be continued missions that take many steps to complete?

Yes, there will be multipart missions that can be accomplished in several steps over the course of a few hours or weeks if you prefer.


Are there missions for design or manufacturing?

Yes, various ISC locations and governments may request launch vehicles with certain requirements that you can design for, such as thrust, weight, and target orbits. You must be part of a Space Agency to acquire these contracts. Science equipment and experiment racks do not require Agency membership, but they do require a Field of Study, depending on the experiment.


How are missions generated?

By visiting your Mission Director. A mission will be based on the player's current status and education.


Do missions advance characters?

Yes. By completing missions, you gain experience in the skills used by yourself and your crewmates. You also recieve salary bonuses that you can spend on yourself or help fund your Space Agency.


Can I create missions?

Yes, if you belong to a Space Agency and are authorized to create them.


Do I have to do missions at all?

Only if you want to advance your character to improve your education, salary, and game options.


Can my friends join in my missions?

Yes, your friends may join your Flight Crew before you launch if you have room. Once you launch however, they must wait till you return to join you in flight, unless they can launch to your orbit as well and transfer from one spacecraft to yours.

For Ground Crews, your friends my join you at any time. To gain the rewards, however, they must be in the Mission Control room.

An alternative is if your friends create a Ground Crew and join your mission by teaming up with your Flight Crew, or vice versa. The experience and rewards will be shared by each Crew.





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